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Trio of Madness drummer Mike Wojik has teamed up with Bucks County Drum Company (BCDC) for a brand new custom kit. Based in the rolling hills of Warrington, PA, BCDC’s unique patented drums were the perfect compliment to Mike’s unique playing style and musical endeavours. We sat down for a Q&A with Mike to learn more about his new drum set and how it all came about.

So how did the drum sponsorship come about?
I’ve been friends with Chris Carr (BCDC’s owner/drumsmith) since we met at a drum event in 2008. I liked his passion for making fine instruments, plus he’s a really good guy. We talked about drums and drumming over the years, and we’ve had lots of “What’s your dream kit?” conversations. A few years ago, we agreed that someday he’d build me a kit. In January of 2018, he asked if I’d like to endorse his drums formally.

Why did you agree to be sponsored by them?
It was time for some new drums, as I’ve been working constantly and my old gear was getting worn out. Plus, Chris made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

What’s different about this sponsorship compared to your previous sponsorships?
The main difference is the fact that I’m dealing directly with THE guy who builds the instrument, not just an Artist Rep. Chris stands behind every drum he builds. His signature goes on the inside of each shell only when that shell meets all of his criteria. My kit is exactly what I dreamed, and Chris knew the type of wood to use as well as the dimensions of the individual drums to produce the sounds I needed to do the job.

Tell us about about the drum set.
Well, it has a 22″ bass drum, with 8″, 10″, 12″ toms and a 16″ floor tom. All drums are finished in a matte zebrawood veneer, with chrome hardware. The bass drum features matching zebrawood hoops.

What makes it unique compared to your previous kits?
The shells are Bucks County Drum Co’s new “Semi-Solid” design, by which a solid core shell is combined with wood plies for stability. My particular kit has a solid mahogany core, with zebrawood exterior and mahogany interior plies, plus maple reinforcement rings. This combination produces a warm sweet tone, with lots of “snot”.

What does the new drum kit bring to Trio of Madness’ music?
Trio’s music, and my drumming style in general, had a huge influence in the design and construction of the kit. Purity of tone was most important, as well as versatility. The tones produced by these drums blend really well with Liz and Nick’s instruments. What that brings to the music is difficult to quantify, but I’ve used them with Trio both live and in the studio, and I think the band sounds much better with these drums than before. In Trio’s music, each of us occupies a piece of a kind of sonic triangle with blurry edges. My new drums have all the colors that I need to fill my corner of our little sonic world, plus a little extra for when we go to the edge of time and space. The beats are more solid, the fills sound a bit sweeter and warmer, and the custom Zebrawood finish brings a touch of elegance to the stage show. What is funny about the finish is that it was the last thing to be decided. After Chris and I finished the design of the kit with regard to the sound, he asked me “So what do you want it to look like?”. I honestly had no clue what finish I wanted, just that it should show off the wood. The Zebrawood veneer was something new at the shop at that time, and it looks badass, plus we took the unusual step of using a matte finish as opposed to the conventional gloss. It lets the shells breathe more plus it soaks up stage lights, so you can see the wood grain from any distance without the glare associated with a reflective gloss finish. The configuration of the setup is ergonomically optimized to offer maximum range within a small footprint. My toms go from 8″ to 16″ with just four drums, so I have access to the highest highs and the lowest lows all within easy reach. I can’t wait to get back in the studio with Trio to record the new music with these drums, it’s going to sound insane.

Do you have any plans to work with the drum company down the road?
The term of my endorsement deal is pretty much for the rest of my life. If I ever need anything, BCD is right there with repairs, support, etc. I believe these drums are quality instruments, and I have no problem helping to promote the company to a wider audience.

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