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It was 20 years ago that A Halo Called Fred‘s ground-breaking album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” was unleashed on an unsuspecting world! The band has gone through numerous line-up and stylistic changes since this recording, but the off-beat, Tupperware playing, musically irreverent soul of the band remains the same.

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” Halo’s first concept album (the concept being that copyright law doesn’t apply to titles) plays like a time machine, moving backward through the early part of Halo’s career. The first seven tracks, produced by Claude Coleman of Ween, represents the first realization of Halo’s more polished, musical sound that persists into their music today. This is followed by five tracks which were originally from 1994’s “Body Parts and Flying Things,” produced by Norm Demoura (Susan Tedeschi, NRBQ) which epitomizes the bands more raw punk influences. The final ten tracks are home recordings which represent the earliest, anything-goes version of the band. Bundled all together, this becomes the quintessential collection of classic Halo songs!

1. Please Stop Kicking My Head 02:21
2. Mexican Love Song or Love Song For (insert your name here) 02:27
3. Dr. Dog 03:33
4. I Wanna Be Your Nose 01:51
5. Blymy The Pirate 01:40
6. Pretty Flower 02:47
7. Obsequious 04:09
8. Brain 01:19
9. Schmuck 01:57
10. Butt! 01:46
11. Aliens (zamboni mix) 02:42
12. Bugs 01:51
13. Love Stinks 01:11
14. The Essence Of Comedy 02:57
15. Dead Guy 01:46
16. Bernie’s Chart 00:16
17. Save the Toads 01:26
18. Hub City Spoke Repair 02:20
19. Heinously Inconsiderate 02:30
20. Symphony Number 9 01:05
21. Ralphquest 07:15
22. Mr. Fucky-Fuck Face 03:19

Listen/Download Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

“Sgt. Pepper’s” A Halo Called Fred line-up:
Geverend Fredrick Dee – acoustic guitars, mandolin, piano, ARP synth, chessy Casio, vocals.
Brushwood Thicket Fredrick Farmer – plastic buckets, fondu pot, plates, Fisher Price toys, card table, random percussion, vocals.
Jim Bob Freddy Rubbernecker – bass, Moog synth, maybe piano
Gerrymiah T. Froadrick Bullfrog – acoustic guitars, pedals, balls! (Tracks 1-7)
I.F.F Chester – Cosmic Vibes.

About A Halo Called Fred:
The best geek rock ever played on guitar, bass, fiddle, and kitchenware, with songs featuring such topics as pirates, steampunks, cavemen, and any body part or flying thing you can think of. Halo has performed with King Missile, been produced by a member of Ween, and featured on The Doctor Demento Show. Their quirky, off-beat style has been paired with Burlesque and Sideshow acts, and they have participated in numerous film projects, including the short film “Barry the Steampunk Monster” and the 2010 feature film “Everything Fred Tells Me is True.” They are currently regulars at off-beat cultural events such as Wicked Faire, The Steampunk World’s Fair, and the Macabre Faire Film Festival.

Current A Halo Called Fred line-up:
Geverend Dee – Strum-Strum (electric guitar), Woody (acoustic guitar), keyboards, most vocals
Brushwood Thicket Farmer – Bang-O-Tron (kitchenware, cookie tins, random percussion), more vocals
Tiny – Uprighty (upright bass), The Shark (electric bass), Geddy (bonus bass), backing vocals
Queenie – Baby Vee (violin), Uko Ono (ukulele), backing vocals
Chester – Cosmic Vibes (invisible)

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