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Directed by Emmy Award winner Eric Vitner of IdeaMachine Films, From Mad, Mad, Mad Minds is based on true events that occurred at a Trio of Madness concert where the band suffered a legendary fog machine malfunction. Presented in a surrealistic style, the video incorporates hypnotic visuals within a humorous framework involving the band, an anthropomorphic ear, an alien abduction scenario and an antagonistic sound engineer.

From Mad, Mad, Mad Minds continues Trio of Madness’ and L’N’L’s relationship with Eric’s IdeaMachine Films, having previously worked together on Trio’s The Drake Equation and A Halo Called Fred’s Turtles All The Way Down.

Eric explains, “Trio of Madness’s modern progressive rock music is so inspiring – there were so many ideas swirling in my head when I first heard the song – that making the video was just a matter of picking the best and making sure I do them justice with my camera and editing work. I hope everyone buys the album when it comes out.”

Trio of Madness is currently finishing up  their forthcoming new album, Lost Time, for a Summer 2015 release.

About Trio of Madness:
Nick Charles- guitar/space effects
Liz Gonzalez- bass/vocals
Mike Wojik- drums/squeaky toys/random noises/vocals

Trio of Madness is a strange psychedelic/surf/prog rock experience keeping audiences on the their toes with their unique rhythms, time signatures, soaring guitar solos, as well as visual effects to enhance one’s live listening experience!

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About the director:
Eric Vitner has directed multiple short films, music videos and the feature-length film Everything Fred Tells Me Is True with Words Pictures Movies. He is the winner of 2 NY Emmy Awards as Editor on Metro TV’s “Subway Q&A”. Eric currently lives in the Hudson Valley with his brilliant wife and two wonderful children, where he is busy working on multiple creative projects.

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