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Lump’N’Loaf Records is very happy to be taking part in the Rock Against Hate compilation project, spearheaded by former 105.5 WDHA-FM DJ Lazlo of This compilation came together as a result of the recent presidential election and the unfortunate increase in hate crimes that happened in its wake. All the songs on this compilation are original songs that showcase activism, social issues, or protest.

The Rock Against Hate compilation benefits two important organizations, Planned Parenthood and The Trevor Project:

Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide. Click here to donate to Planned Parenthood & download Rock Against Hate.

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24. Click here to donate to The Trevor Project & download Rock Against Hate.

“In the aftermath of the divisive election, and the increase in hate crimes in the aftermath, I was not alone in feeling like overnight, our country became a much more hate-filled place,” said Lazlo. “But I also saw how some musicians were putting their thoughts into song. I wanted to do something positive, even if only in a small way, so I reached out to friends of mine, who just happen to be musicians, to see if any were interested in doing a compilation to benefit some good causes that will need more funding because of the outcome of the election.”

Among the 68 artists on the compilation are two contributions from Lump’N’Loaf Records acts, A Halo Called Fred (“Pignocerous of Spleebonia“) and DDA (“Fight The Good Fight“).

A Halo Called Fred’s “Pignocerous of Spleebonia,” from their latest release, Lies, Damned Lies, and Songs by A Halo Called Fred, seems to have foreshadowed recent events.

“Three years ago A Halo Called Fred had a premonition,” explained Halo’s Geverand, “a fiendish world dictator named “Pignocerous of Spleebonia” who rises to power by stoking the irrational fears of the population as “Very Real Threats”… and now we release this song on “Rock Against Hate” in response to our 45th president’s inauguration. Premonition or coincidence?”

DDA, the latest project from David Devine (The Number Theory/Zigman Bird), contributed a new song, “Fight The Good Fight,” highlighting a new acoustic direction.

“When i got word of Lazlo doing a compilation for a good cause, a politically charged one at that, I was on board,” Dave continues, “It was a chance to weigh in, express the frustration that many of us feel and put it into words and music. ‘Fight the Good Fight’ came very quickly, in part due to a tight timeline. But I wanted something simple, laid back and not too heavy or preachy, the opposite of how i’m feeling inside. I’m honored to be on the compilation with 68 other artists that are feeling much like myself about the current state of affairs.”

Future possibilities for Rock Against Hate include concerts to raise additional funds for the two organizations.

Rock Against Hate tracklist:

1 The Campfire Flies – “We Can See America From Here”

2 Jon Caspi & The First Gun – “Drill A Whole”

3 Val Emmich – “It’s All Right (No!)”

4 Rachel Romanowski – “History Made Easy”

5 The Successful Failures – “The Ballad of Julio Cuellar”

6 A Halo Called Fred – “Pignocerous of Spleebonia”

7 Lifeguard Nights – “Dire Straits”

8 Psykidelic Oven Mit – “Trigger The Tiger”

9 Beatrix Potter – “A Change in Empathy”

10 Craig Greenberg – “Death On The Liberty Line”

11 DDA – “Fight The Good Fight”

12 Diego Allessandro & Lot 25 – “Disillusioned Blues”

13 Kimon – “Truth To Power”

14 New Day Dawn – “The Broken”

15 Aquino – “Giants Will Fall”

16 Ember Swift – “Tapped & Wired”1

7 Ben Hughes – “Ambitiously Afloat”

18 Levy & The Oaks – “Slowly In The Water”

19 Sally Draper – “This Election Season, I’ll Quit The Internet”

20 Brett Fuentes – “Thought Police”

21 Happy Joe – “An Angry Voter”

22 Zak Smith – “Awake In The Flood”

23 Friction 57 – “Mad As Hell”

24 Colie Brice – “Life Ain’t Fair”

25 Logs In The Mainstream – “Don’t Come to Maryland”

26 Ziggy Grover – “Back from the Dark Re-Record”

27 Catherine Wacha – “Chump (live @ Espresso Joe’s)”

28 Joe Schroeck – “Keep Fighting The Good Fight”

29 SonOfDov – “Mercy”

30 Dr. Void & The Death Machines – “Angels Descend”

31 HAL – “The Shape of Society”

32 Sarah Donner – “With Pride”

33 Lisa Coppola – “I Can’t Make Sense of Your Crazy”

34 The Afraid Brigade – “The World Is All Just Awful”

35 Jim Testa – “I’d Like To Be A Christian”

36 Just Some Punk(s) – “Pipeline”

37 Rachel Romanowski – “Marry My Girlfriend”

38 Jon Caspi & The First Gun – “Don’t Bend”

39 DownTown Mystic – “Way To Know (featuring Max Weinberg & Garry Tallent from The E Street Band)”

40 Shotgun Bill – “Political Blues”

41 Keith Monacchio – “The Courageous Getaway of Ciro & Madelina Fuentos”

42 Reconstitute – “Dear America”

43 Talley Summerlin – “Wow”

44 Old Smile – “Over This Wall”

45 Beth Wimmer – “For The Living”

46 Laree Cisco – “Never Be The Same (Lord Have Mercy)”

47 Vin Colella – “Breakdown”

48 Mazeffect – “Even A Lion”

49 September’s Ghost – “Corporate Zombie (2016 version)”

50 Lifeguard Nights – “Put Down The Gun”

51 Atom Driver – “For The Cause”

52 Psykidelic Oven Mit – “Apologies”

53 Don Lee – “Part Of Nothing”

54 The Dark Brothers – “May the Bridges We Burn Light the Way”

55 Break Away – “Realize”

56 Dub Proof – “In A Rush (ft. pK- Blisstique)”

57 Meeko Brando – “98 (89 remix)”

58 The Skullers – “Silently Violent”

59 Billy Hector – “Callin’ On Love”

60 Tony Appleseed – “Color Blind”

61 Fairmont – “Bones (Transcendance Version)”

62 Miss Ohio – “Home To You”

63 Justin Evan Thomas – “Lifeline

“64 Bruce Tunkel – “We Play The Game”

65 Tris McCall – “I Like America”

66 The Porchistas – “Hope for the Flowers”

67 The Bitter Chills – “Sleep Tight, Ya Morons”

68 Ben Godwin – “Peace Mango”