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Trio of Madness has been infiltrating the global music scene for years, enlightening, sometimes confusing the minds of music lovers everywhere with their strange blend of psychedelic/surf/progressive/space rock.

Trio’s members bring their own individual style and sound, each having been influenced by a wide variety of disciplines, including music (classic rock, progressive rock, classical and world music), surrealism, humor and a touch of the paranormal. Known for their unique grooving time signatures and visual stage effects, the band has made it their mission to give you a mind-blowing, toe-tapping experience, while at the same time putting a smile on your face.
The band’s sound has matured, transforming from that initial acoustic style into a heavier, more complex, electrified version of themselves. Their new release, Lost Time, a nod to either the UFO enigma or the length of time between Trio albums, (their previous album was 2004’s Sednab Va Oyusht), displays a wide range of styles, from the title track’s “world music meets cosmic road trip vibe” to the quirky surf rock throwback of “If Dracula Could Sing.” The new album also features vocals on a number of tracks, including guest vocals from fellow label mates A Halo Called Fred’s Geverend on their collaborative effort, “Mutant Song”.
When asked how the band would describe the sound of their new CD to a potential new fan, Trio’s Mike adds, “We are all about having fun and enjoying what we’re doing, It’s heavy, it’s weird, it’s a schizophrenic mix of a bit of everything!” If anything, Lost Time’s 14 tracks celebrates Trio of Madness’ musical creativity and their obvious joy in making their own unique blend of original music.

Lost Time tracklist is as follows:
1. A Little Something For Your Head
2. Lost Time
3. Monkey Porn
4. Roswell
5. From Mad Mad Mad Minds
6. Spaceships
7. Cosmic Creepers
8. Mutant Song
9. If Dracula Could Sing
10. Birthquake
11. Cool Bulbs
12. Freeance Peeance
13. Rock Lounge
14. Showering At The Bates Motel

Trio of Madness’ Lost Time is available for purchase at trioofmadness.bandcamp.comLump’N”Loaf Records and at Trio’s live shows.

All songs written by Trio Of Madness

Liz Gonzalez – bass, violin, vocals
Nick Charles – guitars
Mike Wojik – drums, percussion, noises, vocals

Guest vocals and lyrics on “Mutant Song” – Geverend Dee, courtesy of A Halo Called Fred

Recorded and mixed by Anthony Kroposky, Fish On Fire Recordings,

“A Little Something For Your Head” recorded, mixed and album mastering by Carmen Verderosa, Woodrock Studios,