The Number Theory – Time to Burn

Mountain High from The Number Theory's Time to Burn album


  1. Psychic Readings
  2. Heavy Traffic
  3. Mountain High
  4. Common Vibe
  5. Train of Thought
  6. Mommy, what's a number theory?
  7. Lights
  8. Careful
  9. Theme for Indecision
  10. Shelf Life
  11. Baron Von Neidemeyer
  12. Shoe Polish
  13. Christmas Chill
  14. How it Happened

Blending guitar nuance and crunch with lyrically propelled sounds, The Number Theory’s mission is a simple one; to evolve its brand of intelligent guitar pop as well as maintain musical curiosity. An eclectic blend of music inspired by Sonic Youth, Television, Sea and Cake and other indie notables.

“This album was recorded jeez, probably ten years now at least. The Theory guys were Tony Kroposky (bass guitar), Scott Wilson (drums), Nick Charles (guitar), Geoff Alpaugh (drums) and I. Geoff replaced Scotty midway through the bands tenure at some point on drums and we added the second guitar from Nick. I think that second guitar helped accomplish a lot of the guitar orientated approach that the recordings and live shows had. We recorded it with Plinky Giglio, who was a master in the studio. He lent some organ to a Christmas song we have on there that Liz Gonzalez sang on. It was a lot of fun making this album! ” 

David Devine (vocals, guitar)